Our History

DEIK – The governing body and reason behind the existence of the CTBC and all other Türkiye business councils across the globe.

DEIK, The Foreign Economic Relations Board of Türkiye was created in 1986 with the following objectives:

  • Manage the foreign economic private sector of Türkiye abroad.
  • Analyze investment opportunities at home and abroad.
  • Help boost Türkiye’s exports

To achieve their goals, DEIK was restructured  in 2014 to focus on Business Diplomacy through the creation and effective functioning of the Business Councils:

  • The Türkiye Cameroon Business Council (TCBC)
  • The Cameroon Türkiye Business Council (CTBC)

These 2 councils exist primarily to improve bilateral relationships between Cameroon and Türkiye.

Business Councils are based on five sectors: 

  1. Energy
  2. Health
  3. Higher Education
  4. International Technology Consulting
  5. Logistics