Recent Travel Guidelines and Information

April 15, 2024

If you haven't caught wind yet of the good news yet, we're pleased to inform you that travelers to Shengen countries, the US and The UK (with previous valid visas) can once again acquire their visas online, just like they could do before the COVID epidemic.

If you're planning a trip to Türkiye anytime soon, consider checking your eligibility on

In other news, Visaguide World reports that travelers passing through Istanbul Airport en route to Mexico, Panama, Colombia and Venezuela from Cameroon must obtain an electronic airport transit visa starting today April 15, 2024

This new request comes as Türkiye strengthens its efforts to regulate irregular migration. The country, positioned as a transit and destination country in global migration patterns, has been actively engaged in combating irregular migration.

In response to the growing number of irregular migrants using air routes via Türkiye from various countries in the Middle East and Latin America to reach North America, intensified inspections are being implemented following international aviation standards.