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JCM - DEIK - TCBC - CTBC Webinar JCM - DEIK - TCBC - CTBC Webinar

Admin CTBC, March 25, 2021

So here’s what you need to know...

Our respective #governments are interested in seeing an increase in #trade and #business #partnerships.

For this reason, both #Ambassadors have mandates to facilitate your business activity within #Turkey and out of Turkey and also within #Cameroon and out of Cameroon.

#DEIK - The Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey is the body in Turkey that is responsible for taking care of all business at home and especially looking into the interests of Turkish companies looking to expand across borders.

In the same vein, the #CCIMA - Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Crafts is the same organization in Cameroon looking into your business interests and giving you all the facilitation, information and representation you need to operate your business in the simplest of ways.

These two bodies are the governing bodies of both the Turkey Cameroon Business Council #TCBC in Turkey and the Cameroon Turkey Business Council in Cameroon #CTBC respectively.

We are trade partners and we are here to help your businesses soar.

For this reason, there was a joint Business Council webinar on Thursday March 25, 2021 between both councils and both mother organizations under the theme “Collaborative Opportunities for Turkey and Cameroon Businesses”