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HE Paul Biya receives The Turkish Ambassador to Cameroon in Yaounde

1, June 2, 2021

It was not just a courtesy visit to His Excellency, the Head of State of Cameroon. It was a visit where he clearly articulated his satisfaction with Her Excellency’s good work in Cameroon despite the rocky last year she had with the disruptions caused by Covid-19.

It was a chance for him to reiterate the support the Republic of Cameroon has put in place to continue and encourage cooperation between both our countries.

It is for this reason, on Thursday June 24, 2021 in Douala, the CTBC will host a Brunch & Grill networking event. This event is geared towards equipping Cameroon businesses with the information necessary to cross boundaries.

The Cameroon Turkey corridor is wide open and we want you to know the opportunities that are available to grab.

Are you in agriculture? Do you process? Do you want your final produce sold in Turkey? Come to find out more.

We really cannot emphasize enough how easy it’s become to work with Turkey now. Skills Transfer, Investment Opportunities, Partnerships. All available for you now.

Don’t miss this event.

More information will be divulged here and on all our social media platforms in the coming days.

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