CTBC Members renew their commitment to boosting trade volumes between Cameroon and Türkiye

February 7, 2024

With the interest of its members, the growth and development of their businesses in Cameroon and in Türkiye at the core of its mantra for the year, last Wednesday 31st January 2024 The CTBC held its first Annual meeting at the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Türkiye in Douala to discuss the 2024 Calendar of Activities.

The meeting which was chaired by the Executive Director of The CBTC Mme Etonde Martin Ndoping engaged the 9 CTBC members present and 22 professionals aspiring to #joinCTBC through round table discussions and networking activitiesn with the aim of strengthening the CTBC network.

In a pre-recorded address for its members, The President of the CTBC, Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Türkiye in Douala - HRM Nfon IV Mukete shared a message of hope and determination with #CTBC members during which he encouraged everyone to be actively engaged in all the activities planned in order to optimize trade between Cameroon and Türkiye in 2024.

The Executive Director kicked off the rest the meeting discussions by sharing some highlights of the 2023 year including The celebration of the Republic of Türkiye at 100 years, three trade delegations that participated in fairs in Türkiye from Cameroon, huge purchases of machinery especially by Cameroonians for their businesses, The TIM (Türkiye Exporters Association) that came to Cameroon in October 2023, The visit of the TCBC President, the visits of CTBC members’ offices and sites, TABEF 2023 that took place in Istanbul, some successful joint ventures that were created and are still in the works and the planting of Turkish companies in Cameroon.

She equally mentioned the NDS30 (National Development Strategy for Cameroon in 30 points) project for Cameroon, elaborating and reiterating what the President said about low hanging fruits, hence encouraging Cameroon businesses to focus on projects that will lead to the development of the economy of Cameroon, contribute to structural, infrastructural, technological and skills development of the country. Some of these projects include roads and railways construction, social housing, and provision of portable water, electricity and installation of optical fibers.

She encouraged joint ventures between Cameroon and Turkish firms to bring to fruition projects and investments thanks to the enabling environment that has been created by the Republic of Cameroon for foreign investors through institutions like the IPA (Investment Promotion Agency) granting tax breaks, tax exemptions and importation benefits among others.

The meeting then concluded with discussions around the benefits of becoming a CTBC member and the 2024 Activity Calendar which will include among others:

  • General Meetings every quarter of the year;
  • Business Breakfasts in Douala and Yaoundé every first Friday of the month
  • Türkiye Cuisine Week;
  • Business Luncheons in the month of May and November;
  • Celebration of Türkiye National Day in October in Yaoundé;
  • Sporting and sponsorship networking events especially Golf and Soccer;

The meeting ended at 19:30 with the members networking, sharing contacts over drinks, hors d’oeuvres and a renewed commitment to boosting trade volumes between Cameroon and Türkiye.

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