Business Trips to Türkiye in the wake of the recent earthquake

February 8, 2023

Being aware of the current devastated state of the Gaziantep Province of Türkiye following Monday’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake and the over a hundred aftershocks that ensued, we kindly call on you all who have business trips scheduled for the days and weeks ahead to please inform us of your intended travel dates.

It is true Istanbul remains unaffected so far by the disaster but there is some distress as people have family members scattered around the country.

So for all planned meetings and visits, please confirm and re-confirm with the company inviting you that it is safe to arrive and conduct business there.

Also kindly inform the Executive Director of these planned visits so we keep an eye on you to ensure your safety.

Sincerely Yours

Etonde Martin-Ndoping
Executive Director – Cameroon Türkiye Business Council
(237) 674938961


Find below a statement from the Embassy of the Republic of Türkiye in Yaoundé