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Admin CTBC, February 25, 2021

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The Cameroon Turkey Business Council held a Business Breakfast at Akwa Palace in Douala yesterday February 25, 2021.

The event started at 07:30 with guests signing in and picking up badges.

Breakfast was served in the banquet hall prepared by the CTBC team and guests immediately began networking over breakfast.

Walking up the stairs, one could not help but soak in the smell of fresh brewing coffee. The National Cocoa and Coffee Board (NCCB/ONCC) sponsored this breakfast and hence had roasters brewing and serving coffee from NCCB, TERRIFIC COFFEE and TORRECAM.

Attendees participated in ice breakers and networking games before the presentations from the panel speakers started at about 08:40.

The theme of the event was “Investment and Partnership Opportunities for You!” The panel was carefully selected to meet the needs of the attendees. The CTBC after listening to common concerns raised by members wanted to break the myth of how difficult it was to do business in Cameroon. Selecting the below speakers was therefore intended to provide information that is not very available so members and guests get educated and informed of what they need to do to succeed in all business ventures in the country.

The Turkish Honorary Consulate represented by H.E (Nfon) Ekoko Mukete who also doubles as the CTBC President spoke about the bilateral trade agreement made between the Government of Turkey and the Governemnt of Cameroon. He was keen to share how open Turkey is to doing business with Cameroonian entrepreneurs, small and large businesses. He also made mention of some of the Turkish companies who have installed in Cameroon and have been operating for a couple of years with success like MEDCEM, Yenigun, Oyak, Maarif Foundation, ESER just to name a few. Some of them were in attendance. He emphasized the benefits of being a part of the CTBC which gives you a lot of business insight.

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Crafts represented by the Secretary General Mr. Halidou Bello shared the role the chamber plays to create an enabling business environment for Cameroon businesses. Representing and advocating for them at the highest level is one of their main objectives. He stated that the Chamber is a safe place where business issues are tabled and resolutions brought forth. He told about the activities the Chamber has been involved with in recent times like the entrepreneur incubator program to train and launch the youth entrepreneurs. He also specified how the Chamber is keen on encouraging and facilitating the setting up of foreign companies in Cameroon.

The Cameroon Investment Promotion Agency represented by the Assistant General Manager, Mr. Donatus Boma, talked about the role the Investment Promotion Agency plays nationally and internationally to promote economic development for the country. He was very keen to share the import and export figures for the last few years to give attendees an insight on the opportunities that lie waiting for us to grab. He also shared that he is open to answer any questions or share more information on requirements and tax breaks the government gives to investors in particular sectors. He mentioned the activities the agency takes part in prior, during and after a foreign investor installs in Cameroon and how the agency accompanies them to ensure they are operating in a friendly business environment. At the end of his presentation he shared his slides which contained very key information for any business man present who was interested in going into the production, manufacturing or transformation of fast moving consumer goods.

The National Cocoa and Coffee Board represented by the General Manager, Mr. Michael Ndoping talked about the role the NCCB plays to ensure the good image Cameroon Cocoa and Coffee has locally and internationally. He shared the periodic visits the board makes to the various cocoa and coffee planting, drying and roasting regions of Cameroon. The international fairs our cocoa and coffee take part in and how well our produce is appreciated abroad. He indeed mentioned that on more than one occasion very high volumes of coffee has been requested from Specialty Coffee buyers abroad. He was keen to share how close they stay with the farmers to give them tools and education to ensure their final produce is in the state in which it would be sold as per the highest international standards. He also shared the plans the cocoa and coffee board have to encourage and ensure the local consumption of our cocoa and coffee. Branded coffee and chocolates from different roasters and manufacturers respectively were distributed to guests by the NCCB at the end of the event.

The event was very well attended with about 85 guests against a target of 60 from the Advisory, Agriculture, Banking, Communication, Health Care, Insurance, Legal, Logistics & Transportation, Manufacturing, Telecommunications and Government Sectors.

Guests enjoyed a few hours of tasty breakfast, hot coffee, great conversations and hopefully the beginning of fruitful and lasting business partnerships.