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Approaching the End of 2021 with Intention at the CTBC Members Mixer and Networking Cocktail

2, October 18, 2021

Thursday, October 14, 2021, saw another exhilarating CTBC event as 67 professionals including our Board of Directors, Members and other industry professionals came together to exchange on the theme "Tidying Up: Approach the End of 2021 with Intention" at the CTBC Members Mixer & Networking Cocktail at Akwa Palace's Le Tourne Broche Restaurant in Douala.

With objectives including - evaluating the activities of the council and its members throughout the year 2021, determining what opportunities lie in the near future for members and showcasing the benefits of membership to prospective members who were in attendance, attendees got to meet and share with each other and through ice breakers and power networking, created connections which will, as always, prove invaluable to their professional endeavours.

The event saw presentations from the President of the Cameroon Turkey Business Council – H.E Nfon Ekoko Mukete, where he not only talked about the success of Turkish businesses in Cameroon so far but also introduced the Executive Board of the Council so members see who guides and advises the council. He also emphasized the assistance members stand to get with their business activities. He took the opportunity to talk about the continuous increase of Turkish businesses in Cameroon. He mentioned his position on the Board of The Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Crafts, as the First Vice President, The President of the Chamber who is also a member of the CTBC Board and emphasized, bottlenecks could be resolved simply because the board was very strong and experienced. 

We also listened to a video address from the President of the Turkey Cameroon Business Council in DEIK, Ms Aygen Yenigun who applauded the work done by Turkish businesses in Cameroon and welcomed Cameroon businesses who had plans of setting up in Cameroon. She re-assured during this video that her doors were open to provide assistance when needed.

We then listened to Turkish Airlines Head of Marketing Mrs Eposi Tonga Nseke who shared the benefits of membership to members of the CTBC. Unending discounts, free ticket changes, no limit on baggage allowance, The Corporate Card that gives Economy Travelers an upgrade to the privileges of Business Class (VIP Lounge, upgrades etc.) just to name a few. She encouraged members to check their emails regularly to see and take advantage of all the promotions and innovations Turkish Airlines has for members. Mrs Nseke of Turkish Airlines testified of the great healthcare and Education facilities that exist in Turkey that she has had firsthand experience with.

The CTBC’s Executive Director Mrs Etonde Martin-Ndoping also shared an insight on the footprint of Turkish Businesses in Cameroon since the inception of the CTBC in 2014 and how the presence of these companies have grown since then. She shared the benefits of membership and encouraged members to ask questions and grab the opportunities of the open corridors created by the governments of Cameroon and Turkey and the closeness that exists between the Members, Board Members, Council Presidents, Chamber of Commerce in Cameroon, DEIK in Turkey and the Ambassadors in both countries. She also joined her voice with Turkish Airlines to encourage members to check emails regularly for information of Trade Forums that come up very regularly in Turkey that members can take advantage of. 

She announced the Turkey Africa Economic and Business Forum which would be taking place on the 21st and 22nd of October in Istanbul Turkey organized by DEIK which is so important and key to economic growth that the Minister of Trade of Cameroon, H.E Luc Magloire Atangana Mbarga is heading the Cameroon Business Delegation which includes 3 members of the council.

Right after the presentations, attendees gravitated towards the President of the council and especially Turkish Airlines to continue in-depth conversations. There was a large exchange of business cards and guests mingled till about 21:40 when the last set of people left.

It was clear at the end of this event that Cameroonian entrepreneurs will increase their cooperation with Turkey. Already CTBC has a good number of businesses purchasing raw materials and supplies from Turkey but with the facilities put in place by the council and our esteemed governments, we will in the very near future see more daring strides taken by Cameroon entrepreneurs to set up subsidiaries in different cities of Turkey to expand their businesses.

Media houses like Vision 4, My Media Prime, STV, Radio Audace, Camer.be, Horizon Camer, Endorsed Brand, Invest In Limbe adorned the event to ensure the message of CTBC is shared with the entire nation through their various outlets

The future is bright for the Cameroon Turkey cooperation and we are extremely excited and poised to guide our members as they ride the tide of this bright future. JOIN US NOW

Relive some moments from the event here on our Gallery