All roads lead to Limbe for the second edition of the Cameroon International Tourism Fair

October 28, 2022

As the Republic of Türkiye gears up to be a major player at next week's Cameroon International Tourism Fair which will be holding at the Limbe Botanic Garden as from the 3rd to the 5th of November under the patronage of the Minister of tourism, it goes without saying that The CTBC will be there to give the population a grandiose taste of the the Cameroon-Türkiye relationship in action.

This fair which will bring together all top players of the hospitality industry in the country promises to be a boiling pot of opportunities as The Republic of Türkiye explores and maps out plans to install major investments in the city of Limbe. This is evident by the announced presence of the Turkish Ambassador to Cameroon who will be giving the closing speech of the event as well as presence of The Honorary Consul who will also be delivering a keynote speech during this event.

The city of Limbe is poised to become a hotbed for tourism in Cameroon in the nearest future hosting a planned deep sea port and also boasting a location which is pretty much minutes drive from the anticipated International Airport in Tiko among many others.

The CTBC will of course play a major part during the fair with an installation of a booth where we will be present to provide information to the general population, facilitate your experience throughout the fair and expand the network by helping others join and benefit from the numerous opportunities and reources with the CTBC provides to its members. 

Spot us and let us connect when you get to the fair,
Hwejeeli hwe Gbamu!