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Business Breakfast

February 25, 2021, 2pm to November 30, -0001


Why Over Breakfast?

Research shows that people are most productive in the mornings;

Our minds are most alert in the mornings;

A breakfast scheduled to discuss business is great as it jumpstarts your day and makes you keyed up for the rest of your day;

Discussions that happen over breakfast orient the rest of your day and make you excited to implement everything discussed;

You’re more likely to remember people you met at a morning networking event as most or all attendees at such an event know exactly why they’re there and mean business;

Attendees are most likely to RSVP as the organizer is hardly interrupting their day;

Great thought goes into the planning of breakfast events and every minute counts;

The event is very likely to start and end on time as the organizer is sensitive to busy peoples schedules;

People love what they love doing in the morning so attendees will very likely participate and be engaged fully at breakfast events as they are at an event they like.

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