About the Cameroon Türkiye Business Council - CTBC

September 9, 2021

About the Cameroon Türkiye Business Council - CTBC

The Cameroon Türkiye Business Council (CTBC) is a very pivotal arm in the promotion of bilateral trade between Cameroon and Türkiye.

The close and direct relationship that exists between both countries President’s and the Turkey Ambassador to Cameroon and Cameroon Ambassador to Turkey and hence the Business Councils (Türkiye Cameroon Business Council in Ankara – Türkiye) and (Cameroon Türkiye Business Council in Douala – Cameroon) makes activity implementation almost seamless.

The CTBC exists primarily to improve bilateral relationships between Cameroon and Türkiye. Setting up a Turkish business in Cameroon is relatively easy as a result of the council and the quick turnaround time seen to resolve any issues businesses have.

Collaboration and cooperation opportunities greatly exist and especially Cameroon entrepreneurs are encouraged to take advantage of this. As of today, there are about 21 Turkish small, medium and large corporations operating and smoothly doing business in Cameroon in the hospitality, restauration, construction, education, social work, interior design, and fashion industries.

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Crafts (CCIMC) created in 1929 cooperates very closely with the government of Cameroon, she is also the host organization of the CTBC. Because the Chamber is the strong arm and ear of the government, any needs CTBC members have are quickly resolved. 

DEIK (Foreign Economic Relations Board of Türkiye) created in 1985, is the host organization of the TCBC and our go to office for any Cameroon businesses looking to set up in Türkiye. Its reason for creation which is to manage the foreign economic private sector abroad, analyze investment opportunities at home and abroad and boost Türkiye’s exports is visibly being achieved in Cameroon. Again Cameroon businesses are encouraged to jump and grab opportunities available. 

Exports via our partners Turkish Airlines has been made easy for Cameroon entrepreneurs involved in Agriculture, fast moving consumer goods, clothing apparel, arts & crafts, spices, fruits and food stuff.

Joining the supply chain to provide support services for construction and manufacturing are also open with the ongoing projects in the East and West of the country.

The Strategy Day, organized by the CTBC in October 2021 will be an important information sharing session where business leaders will come together to get a seat at the economic table. Find out what projects will be deployed by the Cameroon government in partnership with the Turkish government and position your business to partake of these win-win partnerships.

We exist to make your business lives easier. We exist to break barriers and build bridges between Cameroon and Türkiye. The council’s membership is open to Turkish nationals doing business in Cameroon and Cameroon businesses working with or looking to work with Türkiye.

Our offices are at 1040  Hydrocarbures - Bonapriso – Douala. Get in touch by calling (237)233 42 62 20, emailing info@ctbccam.org or visit our website for any inquiries www.ctbccam.org. 


Written by:
Etonde Martin-Ndoping
Executive Director of the CTBC